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Part of the 18-mile road from King Cove, Alaska, to the hovercraft port that was once used for medical evacuations. 

New York Times: A Controversial Road in Alaska
acacia johnson
Jun 8, 2022
In May, I spent a few days in the volcanic wonderland that is the tip of the Alaska Peninsula, photographing for a New York Times story about a proposed road between King Cove and Cold Bay, Alaska.

For decades, this proposed road been controversial. The community of King Cove wants road access to Cold Bay’s all-weather airport, largely for medical evacuations, but the road would have to cut through a critical habitat area for migratory birds in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

The degree of this controversy, though, is less about the damage the road could cause to Izembek’s particular ecosystem, and more about the precedent that could be set by allowing even one road to be built through federally designated wilderness.

Read on for the full story written by Henry Fountain.
Jimmy Carter, at 97, Steps Into a Big Fight Over a Small Road in Alaska
The legal battle over the gravel route could gut an environmental law that the 39th president called one of his highest achievements.

Acacia Johnson | Photographer

Acacia Johnson is a documentary photographer from Alaska, focused on human relationships to the natural world.
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