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On the first morning of self-quarantine, an unexpected blossom of light appears on the wall in my partner's apartment near Gothenburg, Sweden. Since starting our self-quarantine, I've found myself making photographs in the way that I did when I first picked up a camera as a teenager – a way to search for quiet magic in the everyday.

A World Paused by Coronavirus - National Geographic
acacia johnson
Mar 31, 2020
As the world has increasingly shut down daily operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, National Geographic photographers around the world have been documenting their lives in self-isolation. Check out the article for a reminder of how we're all in it together – and to see one of my recent images from self-quarantine near Gothenburg, Sweden.

These photos capture a world paused by coronavirus
Stuck at home from New York to Nairobi, National Geographic photographers focus on family, empty streets, and walks in the wild.

Acacia Johnson | Photographer

Acacia Johnson is a documentary photographer from Alaska, focused on human relationships to the natural world.
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